Calvisius Beluga

Beluga caviar is obtained from sturgeon Huso huso, which can reach a maximal length of 8 metres and a weight of more than 1.5 tons. Native to Caspian Sea and Azov Sea it was present also in  the Adriatic Sea, in the Ionian Sea and in the connected rivers before it became extinct. It is the most rare and expensive quality, characterized by large eggs (more than 3 millimetres), normally oval with a colour between pearl-grey and dark grey. The caviar par excellence to be tasted pure with all the required attention. Suggested pairing: with the best sparkling wines.
On average, it takes at least 20 years of waiting to obtain this caviar.
Best before: 90 days

Starting from 360,00

Additional information


large, more than 3 mm


perl-grey – dark grey





Aromatic notes

nut, hazelnut, butter