Calvisius Siberian Royal

Siberian Royal Caviar is obtained from the Siberian sturgeon, a not too big species, which reaches a weight of 8 up to 40 Kg. Native to the Siberian river basins (from river Ob to river Kolyma) and from the basin of Lake Baikal. It is obtained from the best and biggest eggs (more than 2.7 mm). Extremely versatile in cooking, with a strong taste it is paired with light starch, slightly soured cream, soft bread or blini according to Russian tradition, but can also be tasted pure to fully appreciate its quality. Suggested pairing: brut sparkling wines, still white wines with a great minerality, vodka.
It takes 8 years of waiting to obtain this caviar.
Best before: 90 days

Starting from 140,00

Additional information


medium-lage more than 2.7mm


variable dark grey – light brown


quite soft, slightly wet, translucent


full and strong, slightly iodized, persistent

Aromatic notes

oyster, nori alga, spirulina