Calvisius Tradition Royal

Tradition Royal caviar is obtained from the white caviar, a species native to the Pacific Ocean and widespread from Alaska to South California. It is among the most long-lived sturgeon, it can reach the age of 100 years, the weight of 800 Kg and the length of 6 m. In addition to its light meat with high protein content, it is also valuable for the production of large eggs, between 2.8 and 3.2 millimetres, characterized by a colour between dark grey and black. The taste of its caviar is perfectly balanced and rounded, bringing back memories of the most delicate components of the sea. With its gourmand touch of pastries, it is suitable for the most demanding palates of whatever age or culture. A caviar to be appreciated strictly pure and as a starter in a tasting of different caviar qualities.
Suggested pairing: brut sparkling wines or Satèn.
On average, it takes at least 14-15 years of waiting to obtain this caviar.
Best before: 90 days

Starting from 155,00

Additional information


large, 3.0 mm / 3.2 mm


dark grey, ebony, amber tones


compact and shiny, emphasized by large grains


balance and elegance of the caviar

Aromatic notes

extremely fruity with hints of hazelnut and butter, bringing back memories of the most delicate components of the sea