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24K – 999.9 caviar comes from the sterlet sturgeon in the albino variety, a rarity native to the Volga, the Ural, the Danube and Caspian sea. It’s a small fish that hardly exceeds 10kg in weight. It takes at least 6-8 years of waiting to get this caviar.

Dimensions: small, 1.5 – 2,0 mm
Color: very light, from pale yellow to golden
Texture: mellow, suave
Character: unmistakable, nuances of nuts, light sapidity
Aromatic notes: graceful with brackish aroma, fruity with hints reminiscent of pine nuts, neat, shapely and fine
Formats: 30g, 100g,
8.000,00 €/Kg

Sterlet Sturgeon
(Acipenser ruthenus)

Friend of the Sea - Parco Ticino Produzione Controllata
  • 24K – 999.9

    Starting from 240,00

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    24K - 999,9

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